"The Soul of Cordoba" night tour
Cathedral, former Mosque

Córdoba, Spain

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Jagmel Grewal, Manuel Lozano, Juan Antonio Aranda, Lachezar Boyanov Bozhilov, José Enrique Lerma

Gabriel Rebollo Puig, Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero

Cordoba Tourist Board, Cordoba Cathedral Chapter

1,200,000€ project, 150,000€ lighting

For the first time in its history, the Cathedral in Cordoba will be open to visitors during the evening. The night tour is structured such that the visitor enters the complex with a minimum of light and gradually - synchronised with music and narration - lighting is used to reveal the building, phase by phase, echoing its history over the last millenium. A complex and compelling project, a hands-on approach was required to implement and trial the scheme and gain approval from the client. Balancing the requirements of a show controlled event, daytime lighting criteria and the ability to smoothly adjust light levels upon demand, proved a challenge in the deployment of long life light sources and specially manufactured LED luminaires.