The perception of space comes from light.

We work with light to support the space, reveal form and texture such that the lighting solution becomes an integral element with the architecture.

We realize projects with passion and a high level of
attention to detail, ensuring that open communication is
at the heart of our collaboration within the design team.

Attention to detail
We lavish the same care and attention on all our projects, focusing on adding value by the quality of design at each stage of the project.

Quality of light, quality of design, quality in the control of lighting.


Typically studiozigzag will meet with our client at the outset of the project to discuss the brief, objectives and scope. This is then reconfirmed back to the client with our cost proposal.
The earlier we are involved in the project the better.

We develop the lighting scheme from initial concept through to a set of documentation facilitating the implementation of the lighting design. The design process often includes coordination with suppliers including testing of samples, and supervision of mock-ups on-site with the design team and contractor.Following the issue of production information, studio zigzag would normally visit site post-installation to review the installation and assist with final focusing and commissioning.

Each project is different and our proposals are crafted for every individual case