For this 7m tall space, custom made luminaires, 3.5m in height, were devised using Barrisol stretched ceiling material. By using this system it was possible to obtain pendants which unlike a conventional pendant of similar size, only require supporting rings at their upper and lower extremities. The lower face of the luminaire utilizes the same material to provide a degree of downward direct light. Behind this disc one has access to the telescopic system that can be lowered to floor level permitting straightforward access to the lamps for maintenance even though the luminaires hang from a great height.
Project carried out while working at GPD SA (Acciona Producciones y Diseño)
Client: CajaGranada
Space/exhibition design: GPD S.A.
Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza
Location: Granada, Spain
Status: completed 2008
Photos: APD; Jagmel Grewal

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